The Independent
Unsigned Notice
New York: 23 December 1852

Books for the Season [Extract]

  But after all, the book of the season for the parlor table, the gift-book that has more smiles in it and more tears than any other, is the illustrated edition of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. We can hardly expect that the exquisite illustrations, the large clear type, the superior paper and binding will carry the story of Uncle Tom to any who have not already become acquainted with it. But many will choose this beautiful edition for their libraries to replace the copy which has been passed from one reader to another, and by loan from house to house till it has been pretty fairly used up. The eye affects the heart; and here the eye becomes familiar with all the leading personages of the story, and catches glimpses now of the jollity and mirthfulness of negro life, and now of the pangs and agonies that are the inseparable incidents of such an institution as American slavery.