Vanity Fair
New York: 25 August 1860


  The London daily Telegraph of July 20th, says, that in about thirty prisons in England, within the past three years, "seven hundred and ninety one white people have been lashed!" In the county prison at Dorset, seventy two lashes were inflicted on one prisoner, and sixty on another. Forty eight lashes were inflicted on a man fifty three years of age!

  We are authorized to say by SIMON LEGREE, Esq., that at the present time he is sadly in want of a few stalwart nigger drivers, who are somewhat acquainted with this civillized mode of correction, as practiced in English prisons, and that an early application to him addressed to Uncle Tom's Cabin will meet with a ready response. In order that they may be fully qualified, upon their return to their native soil, to practically illustrate the horrors of white slavery, a few courses of bloodhound exercises will be given to them free of expense. He flatters himself that, taking into consideration the present extraordinary proficiency of these white monsters, he will be enabled to return them to Exeter Hall, in a few years thoroughly educated in their noble profession, and that they then will be fully able to give many lectures upon the horrors of slavery in the United States, practically illustrated with the aid of white convicts and paupers, which will be fully appreciated by the saints of Exeter Hall, and be received with laughter and cheers by an intelligent and refined audience of find old English gentlemen. It is to be hoped, however, that at such delivery Lord BROUGHAM will not fail to be present and introduce Doctor Delaney.