The North American Review
Boston: January 1855

  Ida May: a Story of Things Actual and Possible. By MARY LANGDON. Boston: Phillips, Sampson & Co. 1854. 12mo. pp. 478.

  IT tells much for this story that its authorship should have been very generally attributed to Mrs. Stowe. We did not for a moment think it hers. It displays a more careful and uniform artistic elaboration than "Uncle Tom's Cabin," but falls far short of it in power of delineation, and in its hold on the sympathies. It will follow in the wake of its predecessor, and keep the furrow open where that parted the waters; but


had it taken the lead, as the other did, prior to the transactions of the last winter and spring, it could have produced no more than a slight surface-swell on the then almost universal indifference and apathy.