Dwight's Journal of Music
Unsigned (probably J. S. Dwight)
Boston: 31 July 1852

  Eva's Parting. Words by MARY A. COLLIER. Music by F. JAMES. Geo. P. Reed & Co.

  Every music publisher must have his "Little Eva" song just now; and all the minor composers are as busy on this theme, as if it were the one point of contact for the time being with the popular sympathies. Verily "Uncle Tom's Cabin" has much to answer for, in calling forth such a rank crop of musical weeds. For these things seek the sun, not by virtue of their music, but by virtue of their titles, and so make music play a slavish part.

  The piece before us, however, is better than most of them. It is a pure, simple, unpretending melody, with some character, well adapted and well arranged.