The Christian Slave
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Boston: Phillips, Sampson, 1855

SCENE XIII.— -- LEGREE and -- QUIMBO. Sitting-room.


  Now, Quimbo, if you 'll just walk up that Tom right away—the old cuss is at the bottom of the whole matter, and I 'll have it out of his old black hide, or I 'll know the reason why! [Exit QUIMBO.] What if I did pay a thousand dollars for him!—two thousand would not pay the plague he has made me! I 've got him! the —

Enter QUIMBO, dragging along TOM.


  Ah! you 'll cotch it now, I 'll be bound! Mas'r's back 's up high. No sneaking up now—tell you, you 'll get it—no mistake! See how you look now, helping mas'r's niggers to run away—see what ye got!

A voice from above.

  "Fear not them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do."

Leg. [Seizing TOM by the collar.]

  Tom, do you know I have made up my mind to kill you?


  I think it 's quite likely, mas'r.


  I have—done—just—that—thing, Tom, unless you'll tell me what you know about these here girls!

[TOM remains silent, and looks on the floor.]

Leg. [Stamping.]

  Do you hear?—speak!


  I an't got nothing to tell, mas'r.


  Do you dare to tell me, you old black Christian, that you don't know?

[TOM remains silent.]

Leg. [Furiously.]

  Speak! Do you know anything?


  I know, mas'r, but I can't tell anything. I can die.

Leg. [Comes up to TOM, and speaks close to his face.]

  Look here, Tom! you think, because I have let you off other times, that I don't mean what I say. But I do! I have made up my mind and counted the cost. You always have stood it out against me; but this time I 'll conquer you, or I 'll kill you—one or t' other! I 'll count every drop of blood that is in you, and take them one by one till you give up!

Tom. [Looking up to his master.]

  Mas'r, if you were sick, or in trouble, or dying, and I could save ye, I 'd give ye my heart's blood; and, if taking every drop of blood in this poor old body would s ave your precious soul, I 'd give 'em freely, as the Lord gave his for me. O! mas'r, don't bring this great sin on your soul! It will hurt you more than 't will me! Do the worst you can, my troubles will be over soon; but, if ye don't repent, yours won't ever end!


[LEGREE hesitates a moment, and then knocks TOM down. SAMBO and QUIMBO rush in.]

Sambo and Quimbo.

  Shall we take him, mas'r?


  Yes, take him. I 'll go with you. We 'll see what we'll see!