The Christian Slave
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Boston: Phillips, Sampson, 1855

SCENE IX.—A Wood. -- EMMELINE and -- CASSY stealing cautiously through the trees.

Enter LEGREE at a distance. Perceives them.


  Hallo! you, there!

Emmeline. [Staggers and catches hold of CASSY'S arm.]

  O, Cassy, I am going to faint!

Cassy. [Holding up a dagger.]

  If you do, I 'll kill you!

[She seizes EMMELINE under the arm and holds her up, as they disappear.]
Legree. [Coming in sight, and looking after them.]

  Anyhow, they have got into a trap now,—the baggages! They are safe enough! They shall sweat for it! [Turns and runs in another direction.] Hallo! there, Sambo! Quimbo!—all hands!—two runaways in the swamp!—five dollars to any nigger that catches them!—turn out the dogs!—turn out Tiger!—Fury and fire! Halloo! be alive!

Enter SAMBO, QUIMBO, and a crowd of negroes with torches. They run about distractedly, and shouting and whooping, some getting pine knots and some getting the dogs.


  Mas'r, shall we shoot them? Can't catch 'em.

Legree. [Giving him a rifle.]

  Fire on Cass, if you like—time she is gone where she belongs! Don't fire on the girl! Now, be spry! Five dollars to him that gets them! Glass of spirits to you all, any way!

[Exit all, shouting.]
Enter UNCLE TOM; looks after them and raises his hands.

Uncle Tom.

  Please, good Lord, do, do help 'em—help 'em—help 'em, good Lord!