The New York Times
Unsigned Notice
18 December 1855


  Uncle Tom's Cabin at the Tabernacle.—The Drama of THE CHRISTIAN SLAVE, founded on the story of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and written by HARRIET BEECHER STOWE, will be read by MRS. MARY E. WEBB (known as the "Colored Siddons") at the Tabernacle on TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. 18, before the New-York Anti-Slavery Society. It was produced by Mrs. WEBB in Boston, on the 6th inst., where it took the place of a lecture in the course now in progress there on the subject of Slavery. The following are extracts from the notices of the Boston Press.

From the Evening Telegraph.

  The reading was excellent, delineating with graphic truthfulness all the varied intonations of the many characters introduced. Marked applause attested the appreciation by the very large audience of Mrs. WEBB's abilities.

From the Traveller.

  Mrs. WEBB has a very sweet voice, with great powers of modulation, and her reading was in every respect a success.

From the Transcript.

  It contains many passages of real pathos, which could only be penned by a writer who could unloose at will all the flood tides of enthusiasm. It was read to the audience that thronged every part of the Tremont Temple. Mrs. WEBB succeeded in commanding the sympathies of her hearers, which she retained to the close.

  Tickets at the door, 25 cents. Reading to commence at 7 1/2 o'clock precisely.