Selected Temperance Images, 1850-1851

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Images 1 - 6: The Sons of Temperance Offering for 1850
    (ed. by T. S. Arthur; New York: Nafis & Cornish)
Images 7 - 10: The Temperance Offering
    (ed. by T. S. Arthur; New York: Leavitt & Allen, 1850)
Images 11 - 17: The National Temperance Offering, and Sons and Daughters of Temperance Gift for 1851
    (ed. by Samuel Fenton Cary; New York: R. Van Dien)
Image 18: American Temperance Magazine (December 1851)
Offerings and giftbooks were usually published at the end of the year before their cover and copyright dates, in time for the Christmas shopping season. T. S. Arthur, editor of two of these, was already well-known as a temperance writer, but had not yet written the long-running play Ten Nights in a Bar-Room.