A mother's name is dear to all,
The first we lisp in infant days:
And when our golden youth hath flown
We love to sing it in our lays:
'Tis sweet to mem'ry to recall,
The watchful care, and cheering smiles,
Of a dear Mother's loving heart,
A heart that ne'er its love beguiles.

[CHORUS] There's many names we all revere,
And cherish'd ones to us most dear,
But none more sweet to us are giv'n
Than those of Mother, Home and Heav'n.

The name of home we love to hear,
Tho' it may ring from us sad tears;
There is in it a charm that binds,
Our hearts to scenes of bygone years:
We ne'er from mem'ry can efface
The hallow'd spot that gave us birth,
The glowing hearts of youthful friends,
Who join'd us in our sports of mirth.

The name of Heav'n doth wing our thoughts,
From joys of earth that quickly die,
To never fading ones that bide,
Within the realms of yon fair sky:
We love to dwell upon the thought,
That we with those we lov'd so well
Shall meet again where all is joy,
In that bright land where Angels dwell.
"Mother, Home and Heaven"

By Frank Drayton
(Philadelphia: Lee & Walker, 1856)

ARTIST: Caroline Moseley

RECORDED AT: Taplin Auditorium
Princeton University
James Moses, Recording Engineer

© Copyright 1999 by Caroline Moseley,
All rights reserved.

Digitized by Adam Soroka, Johnny Lee & Lisa Gottschalk
at the Digital Media Center,
Clemons Library, Univ. of Virginia