"The good Book says, 'It biteth like a serpent'"   --   CHAPTER 19, Uncle Tom's Cabin

TOP: "Hospitality," from
The Temperance Offering (1850)
BOTTOM: Detail, Billings' first
illustration for "The Illustrated Edition"
of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1853)

The Anti-Alcohol Movement

  • Temperance Imagery

  • Sermon on Intemperance
    By Lyman Beecher (1838)
  • "Let Every Man Mind His Own Business"
    By Harriet Beecher Stowe (1839)
  • The Drunkard, A Moral Domestic Drama
    Adapted by Wm. H. Smith (1844)
  • From T. S. Arthur's Temperance Tales (1848)
        "The Bottle" (an 8-page cartoon)
        "The Drunkard's Wife"
  • "The Widow and Her Son"
    By Lydia Howard Sigourney (1848)
  • From The National Temperance Offering (1850)
        "The Temperance Home"
        "The Drunkard's Home"
        "Appeal to the Ladies of America"

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