". . . a fair-haired girl, of wondrous truth"

    This 1600-line poem about a child named Eva originally appeared in 1843 in The Southern Literary Messenger. The digital transcription available here was produced from the 1846 edition of Smith's Poetical Writings by Chadwyck-Healey, Inc., for their American Poetry Full-Text Database (© 1996 Chadwyck-Healey, Inc; all rights reserved). It is used here with permission.

DETAIL: "The Angel's Visits"
Illustration for a poem by S. J. Hale
Godey's Lady's Book 26 (June 1843)

"The Sinless Child," by Elizabeth Oakes Smith.
From The Poetical Writings of Elizabeth Oakes Smith
[Second Edition] (New York: J. S. Redfield, 1846).

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