Courtesy Harvard Theatre Collection
The Houghton Library

Words by Frank H. Clark & Mack Howard
Music by Billy Baskette & Billy Waldron
© 1925 by Duncan Sisters Music Publishers
Chicago, Ill

There's a certain little vixen,
And she's nearly always mixin' trouble, trouble,
The little son of a gun,
Is loved by ev'ry one,
She's always teasin', but pleasin'.

Topsy, Topsy,
You've won my heart.
Topsy, Topsy,
Right from the start.
Your Uncle Tom was mighty proud of you,
No wonder little Eva wouldn't let you leave her
Topsy, Topsy, you may be black,
But your heart is made of Gold,
With your bag of asafetida wonders you do,
I'm Topsy Turvey Topsy over you.

Topsy never had a granny,
Just grew up without a mammy, lonesome, lonesome,
Her stealing it was in fun,
It kept her on the run,
For little Eva, to please her.

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