Little Eva's Vision.

Words by Sidney Dyer,
Arranged by Henri Vasouver.
Louisville: G. W. Brainaird & Co., 1852.

Oh, Tom, I've seen those spirits bright,
How glorious they appear;
They come around my bed at night,
I love to have them near,
For then I see into the skies,
Where all is bright and fair,
And Oh, no tears can dim the eyes
Of those who dwell up there!

And when in grief I fall asleep,
Those shining ones are near,
And whisper, Eva, do not weep,
We'll wipe away each tear,
And then they sing of heav'nly love,
'Till I forget all care;
They tell me I've a home above,
And soon they'll take me there!

E'en now, dear Tom, they round me throng,
In spotless robes of white,
I hear again their heav'nly song,
And Oh, what strange delight!
Now, how they beckon with their hands,
And point where all is fair,
Oh, how I long to join their bands,
And, Tom, I'm going there!

A slumber soft as Angels know,
On Eva's spirit lies,
And dreams too bright for sight below,
Dwell on her raptur'd eyes,
She murmurs, "all are rob'd in white,
And conquering palms they bear."
In that sweet land there is no night,
And I am going there!

"Tom sang the words of a well known Methodist Hymn.
    I see a band of spirits bright,
    That taste the glories there,
    They all are robed in spotless white,
    And conquering palms they bear."
"Uncle Tom, I've seen them, said Eva. They come to me sometimes
in my sleep, those spirits and Eva's eyes grew dreamy, and she
hummed in a low voice,
    They all are robed in spotless white,
    And conquering palms they bear,
Uncle Tom, said Eva, I'm going there."
Uncle Tom's Cabin, Vol: 2, page 64.


SOLO VOCAL: Constance Harrington
PIANO: Lynne Mackey

Recorded by Bill Dudley
Produced by Bill Wellington

RECORDED at Mennonite Media
Harrisonburg, Virginia
©2007 Well-In-Tune, Inc., Staunton VA
All rights reserved.

Audio encoding at the Digital Media Lab,
Clemons Library, University of Virginia

Courtesy the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music,
Johns Hopkins University

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