You'll Miss Me Darling Chloe.
Uncle Tom's Lament.

Written by Geo. Thatcher,
Music by Wm. S. Mullaly.
New York: William A. Pond & Co., 1881.

Uncle Tom's Lament.
With double Chorus and Cornet Echo.

Source -- Music for the Nation:
American Sheet Music,
The Library of Congress.

You will miss me, darling, Chloe when I sleep beneath the sod,
Where the summer winds are murmuring o'er the lea;
You will think of me in kindness, as life's weary road you plod,
When my spirit rests from pain and sorrow free;
The sands of life are slowly ebbing, darling, with the tide,
And this body soon will mingle with the clay;
In the winter of your sorrow you will think of how I died,
And you'll miss me, Chloe, when I'm laid away.

For old Uncle Tom is feeble, Uncle Tom is feeble,
And his head is bending low;
The Master calls, he can no longer stay--
For his limbs are getting weary and his eyes are growing dim,
But you'll miss me, Chloe, when I'm laid away!

You will tell our little children that their father is above;
How the angels led him up the golden stair,
You will tell them how I lov'd them, with a fond and sacred love;
They must try to meet their poor old father there.
And when the judgment trumpet sounds from realms of bliss on high,
And the morning of the great day comes at last,
I will meet you, darling, Chloe, and together you and I,
Will no longer dread December's wintry blast.

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