Winston's International Publishing Co. Edition

Despite the claim on the title page, and the warning printed on the copyright page that "The Illustrations in this book are all from Original drawings made expressly for it, and any one reproducing them in any form will be prosecuted," the 107 illustrations were in fact made for a Swedish edition of Stowe's novel, published in 1895 in Goteborg by T. Hedlund. Though signed only in this edition by the initials "J.N," they are the work of artist Jenny Nystrom-Stoopendaal. While almost certainly drawn in Sweden, some of them, at least, seem influenced by E. W. Kemble's 1892 illustrations (compare his Prue, for example, to hers).
This "International Publishing Co." edition was brought out by John C. Winston of Philadelphia in 1897, who also reprinted the Swedish version that same year. The illustrations were engraved by "Gaillard, aut." You can see any of them by clicking on the icons at left, or you can use the site's search engine to look at the drawings of specific characters.
Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Tale of Live Among the Lowly. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. With Over 100 Illustrations from Original Drawings by Celebrated Artists. (Philadelphia: International Publishing Co., 1897)