Re-Using the Novel's Illustrations

Seven years after Jewett brought out the Illustrated Edition of Stowe's novel, nine of Hammatt Billings' drawings from that edition were used in a short, simply-written collection of abolitionist children's stories. No author's or editor's name appears on the title page. Billings is not given any credit, nor is any mention made of Uncle Tom's Cabin. In the introduction, signed "D.W," readers are told that the "stories are pictures of actual life, and worthy of your belief." The tales are: "Little Lewis: The Story of a Slave Boy," by Julia Colman; "Mark and Hasty; or, Slave-Life in Missouri," by Matilda G. Thompson; and "Aunt Judy's Story: A Story from Real Life," also by Matilda G. Thompson. There is also a brief epilogue, which contains the only picture not taken from Stowe's novel.

The Child's Anti-Slavery Book: Containing a Few Words about American Slave Children, and Stories of Slave-Life. Ten Illustrations. New York: Carlton & Porter, 1859.