Illustrations for Swedish-Language Edition

In 1895 a new Swedish edition of Stowe's novel, translated by Jean Fr. Rossander, with 106 illustrations by Jenny Nystrom-Stoopendaal, was published in Goteborg by T. Hedlund. It was soon reprinted in the United States at least several times. The University of Minnesota Library has two 1897 editions, one published by A. P. Lundborg in Worcester, Massachusetts, and another by John C. Winston in Philadelphia. (In 1897 Winston also published an INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. EDITION in English using Nystrom-Stoopendaal's illustrations, including one of Tom and Legree not used in this edition.)
Winston's edition is the source for the version from which these illustrations have been taken. It was published in 1902 by Hemlandet, the nation's first Swedish-language newspaper, as part of the series of annual "Premium" books that the Chicago paper offered at reduced prices to its subscribers among the many immigrants from Sweden recently arrived in the Midwest.
Engraved by "Gaillard, aut," Nystrom-Stoopendaal's illustrations were almost certainly drawn in Sweden. Some of them, at least, seem influenced by E. W. Kemble's 1892 illustrations (compare his Prue, for example, to hers). You can see any of the illustrations by clicking on the icons at left, or you can use the site's search engine to look at the drawings of specific characters.
Onkle Tom's Stuga; En Skildring af de Fortrycktes Lif. Af Harriet Beecher Stowe. Med ofver 100 illustrationer fran Originalteckningar af Framstaenda Artister. (Chicago: Hemlandet's Premium, 1902)