True Democrat
Little Rock: 31 January 1854

Another  Case for Mrs. Stowe .

On the 26th day of September last, the slave Catherine, belonging to Mr. Noel Bernoudy, was induced by a free colored woman to run away from the residence of Mr. Lacaze, where she had been employed. After being concealed for a while in this city, her colored patroness obtained employment for her on board the steamboat St. Charles, where she was supposed to be a free woman, and it was understood between the bond and the free negress that the former was to leave for parts unknown when she went up the country, made an experimental journey into the regions of free-nigerdom.—But she liked it not. Eventually she returned, got on board the St. Charles again, and a few days ago surprised her old master's family by her appearance among them, after an absence of nearly four months.

Catherine says that where all niggers are free, free niggers are no more respected than slaves, and that, for her part, she is willing to live quietly in future at home, where she will not be required to puzzle her brains about her own wants. A warrant has been issued for Thisbe Martin, alias Elizabeth the free woman of color, who induced Catherine to go abroad in the first instance.—N. O. True Delta, January 15.