"Anything but the dead sea of your respectable churches, Marie." —
      Augustine St. Clare, in Uncle Tom's Cabin, Chapter 16

American Christianity & American Slavery


Detail from illustration,
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1853)

  • Narrative of the Riots at Alton (Excerpts)
        By Edward Beecher (1838)
  • The American Churches, Bulwarks of American Slavery (Excerpts)
        By James Gillespie Birney (1842)
  • Slavery Discussed in Occasional Essays (Excerpts)
        By Leonard Bacon (1846)
  • Meeting at the Tabernacle
        The New York Independent (21 December 1848)
  • Scripture Testimony on the Institution of Slavery (Excerpts)
        By Thornton Stringfellow (1850)
  • Bible Defence of Slavery; or the Negro Race (Excerpt)
        By Josiah Priest (1853)

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