WELCOME! You can use this site in three different modes.

BROWSE MODE   provides access to all the primary material in the archive -- texts, images, songs, 3-D objects, film clips, &c. -- one at a time.  
  SEARCH MODE   allows you to search all the primary material at once. You can either use or cut across the site's organizational categories.
  INTERPRET MODE   includes essays by a dozen scholars written to provide ways of exploring and understanding the primary material, an interactive timeline, and lesson plans for teachers and student projects.
Usually the best place to enter is the BROWSE MODE, which gives you the most direct access to the story of Stowe's story as an American cultural phenomenon. If you're new to the site, the best place to start is probably the Timeline in the INTERPET MODE, which provides a quick overview of both that story and the various kinds of resources the archive contains. Throughout the site you'll have constant access to the SEARCH MODE.