The Greatest Piece of Democratic Propaganda:
      Famous Players - Lasky Production (1918)    

    America was fighting the Great War (as World War I was originally called) in August, 1918, when Famous Players - Lasky (Paramount) released this adaptation. That context undoubtedly explains the studio's decision to promote its version of Stowe's novel as "propaganda" for one of the country's most cherished principles. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this production, however, is the fact that actress Marguerite Clark, a silent film star who was 35 years old at the time, plays both Eva and Topsy -- though since the film is lost we can only imagine how this gimmick (a kind of complement to the theatrical schtick of "Double Topsys") was worked.

Credits (from the Internet Movie Database):
Distributor: Paramount; Director: J. Searle Dawley; Writer: J. Searle Dawley; Presented by: Adolph Zukor.

Cast: Marguerite Clark (Litte Eva St. Clair/Topsy), Sam Hardy (Simon Legree), Jack W. Johnston (Haley), Florence Carpenter (Eliza Harris), Frank Losee (Uncle Tom), Phil Ryley (Marks), Harry Lee (Jeff), Augusta Anderson (Mrs. St. Clair), Ruby Hoffman (Cassy), Susanne Willis (Aunt Chloe), Mrs. Priestley Morrison (Ophelia), Thomas Carnahan, Jr. (George Shelby, Jr. ), Jere Austin (George Harris), Henry Stanford (Mr. St. Clair); with Chester Conklin.

Crew: H. Lyman Broening (Cinematography); Chester A. Lyons (second camera operator).


    The promotional page below appeared in Photoplay Magazine, August 1918. You can enlarge any section of the page by clicking on it.


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  •     The patriotic note was also sounded when the film played at the TD Theatre in Berkeley, California, at the end of August, 1918, as you can see from this folded four-page program. You can enlarge any of these pages by clicking on it.

    Courtesy John Sullivan