Early Movie Poster
Courtesy of The Harvard
Theatre Collection, The
Houghton Library

Screening Room

This feature enables you to view similar scenes from different film versions of the novel, or different scenes from the same film, side-by-side. Such comparisons allow you to see, for example, how the art of movie making changes between 1903 and 1927, and also what parts of the iconography of Stowe's story remain the more or less the same. And while death is supposed to make all humans equal, comparing the different ways a particular film visualizes the story's two main deaths -- Eva's and Tom's -- also suggests the different ways "white" and "black" behave in the American imagination.


To use the Screening Room you'll need the Quicktime3 player as a plugin. If you don't already have Quicktime3, the icon below will take you to the Apple site, from which you can download it.

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