The New York Times
21 May 1903


   Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" will be found on the shelves of the school libraries in Greater New York next year. When it was learned that the Committee on Lectures and Libraries of the Board of Education was discussing the feasibility of striking the name of this book from the list of sixty which will compromise these school libraries, such action was commented upon adversely and widely. When the list was presented to the Executive Committee of the board at its meeting yesterday for action, the book appeared on the list, and "The Life of Paul Jones," one of the books on the original list, was dropped.

   Commissioner Wingate, Chairman of the Committee on Lectures and Libraries, made the following statement:

   "The committee was strongly in favor of dropping 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' from the list at first, but on account of the adverse criticism of the press we decided that it would be better to retain the work on the list, and not invite antagonism. Personally I would say that the work does not belong in a library of sixty books. Were the number of books 1,000, then I should say that it was most desirable."

   Quite a lively discussion ensued between Dr. Maxwell and Chairman Wingate of the Committee on Lectures and libraries over the approving of the list. Dr. Maxwell said that it should be sent by the Board of City Superintendents to the State Superintendent for his approval. Chairman Wingate contended that it should be passed upon by the Executive Committee. Commissioner Greene asked that the matter be referred to the Committee on By-laws, which was done.