The New York Times
19 March 1877


   Rev. Mr. Tooth has been imprisoned for contempt of court, has been released, and has gone to Italy for the benefit of his health. Rev. Dr. Punshon has been presented at Court, and he also has gone to Italy for the benefit of his health. Both events seem to have been too much for the reverend gentlemen. I wonder if Rev. Josiah Henson will want to go to Italy, for her Majesty sent for him on Tuesday, and had a chat with him about Uncle Tom’s Cabin and his real personal history. Mr. Henson has been a lion among religious circles, as the veritable Uncle Tom, and the Queen commanded his attendance at Windsor. Mr. and Mrs. Henson and several friends went to the castle in the morning. They were received by the royal officials and entertained at luncheon; after which her Majesty was introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Henson in the North Corridor. The Queen presented “Uncle Tom" with her photograph, signed with her own royal hand, and mounted in a handsome frame. She also requested Mr. Henson and his friend Mr. Lobb to write their names in her album. The little party were delighted with the affability of the Queen, who was quite familiar with the varied incidents of Mrs. Stowe’s remarkable story, and she listened with engrossed attention to Mr. Henson’s own account of himself.