Unsigned Article
16 July 1920


Grand Hunt the Result—Uncle Tom Her Father

  Cleveland, O., July 14. While Cleveland and Pittsburg police hunted her two days with wild theories of elopement, kidnapping and even murder, Amelia Cash, fifteen, a Cleveland girl who formerly played "Little Eva" on the road, was right at home in her father's hotel.

  There, in the room of a chorus girl with whom she formed a friendship, she dabbled with powder, paint and patches. Her father, George K. Cash, living at the Hannah Hotel, used to play "Uncle Tom." With him his daughter traveled when still a smaller child. Yesterday he reprimanded her for some prank. She decided to run away. She left him a note that she was going to Pittsburg. She always has yearned to return to the stage.

  From the chorus girl in the room across the hall she learned new tricks about applying make-up and how to get her stuff across. Then came police, detectives, excitement, worry and the eventual "baffled."

  After two days of hiding and mirror acting she decided Uncle Tom wasn't a half bad sort. She came out of her refuge and the search and the footlight career came to an end.