The Chicago Record
25 May 1893

Fred Douglass as Uncle Tom.

Unveiling of a Bust of Mrs Stowe at the Women's Building.

  Fred Douglass posing as Uncle Tom will be one of the features of a remarkable scene at the woman's building at the World's Fair to-morrow. Isabella Beecher Hooker will unveil a bust of her famous sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe, in the library room. Mrs. Hooker has been waiting for some time for the completion of the room and the arrangements for the unveiling. Mr. Douglass heard of the proposed ceremony and asked to be permitted to stand as Uncle Tom. Mrs. Hooker gladly consented, and the distinguished representative of the race for which Mrs. Stowe wrote has been notified that the event will take place to-morrow afternoon.

  The bust of Mrs. Stowe was made by Anne Whitney of Boston, the sculptor who made the statue of Samuel Adams at Washington and Harriet Martineau at Wellesley college. The representation of Mrs. Stowe is said to be an excellent likeness.

  After the Exposition the bust will be placed in the public library at Hartford, Conn. It has been loaned to the board of lady managers by the committee of ladies having in charge the execution of the work. The work is a sort of free-will offering of the readers of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to the writer of it. Ten-cent contributions were made by tens of thousands of Mrs. Stowe's admirers, and the public will own it.