The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.
United States War Department
Washington, D.C.Government Printing Office1897

  The following is a copy of the letter sent by Hill to Virginia, and returned to Magnolia:

CLERK'S OFFICE, Magnolia, Iowa, May 14, 1861.

EDITOR UNION DEMOCRAT, Union, Monroe County, Va.:

  Some good friend from my far-off paternal home sends me your paper. Whoever caused my name to be placed upon your book cannot be a submissionist, else the patriotic and Southern Rights sentiments breathed through your editorials would be suppressed. Continue to forward your paper to my address, and when I am informed of the amount due on subscription the same will be sent you. The Democrat is a welcome visitor. First among the exchanges and correspondents it is opened and read because it hails from the land that is dear to me, hallowed by the recollection of youthful days, passed amid the mountain sceneries that overlook your beautiful town; the thoughts of aged parents, relatives and friends in the Southern clime, with whom I journeyed as youthful days pleasantly fleeted away. All, all makes the tidings from my paternal home eagerly sought alter and interesting.

  Truly, Mr. Editor, these are exciting times. The old ship of state that has carried us safely through storms and perils is drifting rapidly toward the breakers. Yea, she has struck and must go to pieces never again to be reconstructed.

  Who has brought this dire calamity upon us? Not the conservative men of the South, nor the conservative voters of the North. The demons in the shape of Black Republicans and Abolition rulers have so misled the excitable masses of the North by such doctrines as set out in Uncle Tom's Cabin and such as taught by Beecher, Greeley, &c., that the fanatics believe they are doing God's service to wage a war of extermination against the Southern slave-holders. Yes, Mr. Editor, the black-hearted fanatics have caused the dark clouds of war to hang over us, and this once peaceful and happy Union to be deluged with the blood of relatives and friends, and the Union destroyed.

  Conservative citizens in this portion of the West justify the course the South is taking and condemn this Black Republican Administration for waging this unholy and unjust war upon the South. All over the Northwestern States are thousands and tens of thousands of Union-loving Democrats who say amen and God speed you in your noble work in driving back the hordes of unprincipled Abolitionists who bide the calling of a sectional Administration to plunder the citizens of the South. Never let them pollute your sacred soil.

  In the opinion of a majority of the citizens of the Northern States, and perhaps of a majority of this town and my adopted county, the foregoing are entire secession sentiments. I know I am pronounced a traitor by the negro worshipers, but my opinion is given now as has been given since I have resided in the State. I have


fought the Abolitionists through each canvass with pen and tongue, and shall continue on, though my office and press are threatened by the friends of the renowned John Brown.

  I am not alone with regard to the views expressed concerning our national difficulties. The conservative Democracy are with me. I give your readers an idea of the views of the conservative Democrats of the Northwest. I clip from The Council Bluffs Bugle, a leading Democratic paper, which I make a part of this communication. I indorse it, as every conservative man North will. (Here follows an extract from the Bugle.)

* * * * *

  I clip another editorial from The New York News, which represents the faithful of the State who have ever faithfully battled against negro equality and for the rights of the Southern States. (Here please state that in this communication follows a printed extract from The New York News.)

* * * * *

  I find words local and will bid your readers farewell. Not a company nor a volunteer will leave Western Iowa to obey the call of Lincoln to battle with the Southern troops. The Government has called the troops stationed at Fort Randall and Fort Kearny and leaves our frontier exposed to the invasion of the hostile Indians. Volunteer companies are being formed for home protection. The Government stopped the transportation of all provisions down the Missouri River. This act is arousing the masses against the Government and making friends for the cause of the South.

  A thousand cheers for the Monroe volunteers! In their ranks I see the names of a brother and relatives. May they cover themselves with glory in this struggle and be an ornament to the State and the Southern Confederacy.

  I have spun out this communication too long and perhaps it should go, if at all, on the outside of the Democrat.


  Mr. Windell, if you think the foregoing would interest your readers, give it a place in your paper, after correcting bad spelling, &c. If desired I may correspond occasionally.