All About Amos 'n' Andy and Their Creators Correll and Gosden
New York: Rand McNally & Company, 1929

[From] Charles J. Correll



  CHARLES J. CORRELL was born in Peoria, Illinois, in 1890 and earned his first dollar delivering newspapers. . . .


  But young Correll had other attainments. The world lost an able "hoofer" to radio. For Correll, even in his younger days, waved a wicked shoe in the one-two-three step. When the town had fiddler's contests, Correll was always on hand as one of the dance contestants, carrying off everything from a sack of flour to what have you as his reward for first place.

  Amateur theatricals called him, too. He sang in the quartet. He sang in the minstrel circle. He acted in local plays. He was always about the stage door during rehearsals, and when anyone was needed to chase the hounds across the ice or to substitute for an ailing principal, Correll was there, able and willing to "supe" at a moment's notice.