The New York Times
Unsigned Reprint
14 November 1855


From the Boston Journal.

  Among the matched carriage horses we notice a pair belonging to D. SANDERSON, of Summerville, N.J., which from their noble bearing and beautiful appearance, attracted, perhaps, more attention than any other pair upon the ground. These are 16 1/2 hands high, of a beautiful glossy black, and are finely proportioned. Their names are Topsy and Dandy, and the movements of the ideal Topsy in "Uncle Tom," were not more highly appreciated by the thousands of readers of that work, than were the steps of the actual Topsy under notice. Dandy is also a fit companion. This pair took the first prize, two years since, at Springfield, Mass, and have also drawn the first prizes at the New-Jersey and New-York state fairs. They also took the first premium as matched horses at the United States Fair, recently held in Boston.