Crazy Words--Crazy Tune (Vo-do-de-o)

Crazy words by Jack Yellen
Crazy music by Milton Ager
Crazy arrangement by Paul F. Van Loan
(New York: Ager, Yellin & Bornstein, Inc., 1927)

  [Only one verse of this song is about Uncle
Tom's Cabin, but the reference allows us to hear
not just how facetiously the Twenties treated
previously sentimentalized subjects, but also
how Stowe's fiction has become a part of
American history.

    Performed by
Irving Aaronson & the Victor Commanders


BY Adam Soroka
Digital Media Center, Clemons Library

Crazy words, crazy tune,
All that I ever hear him croon
Vo do de o, vo doe doe de o, doe--doe doe doe.
Sits around, all night long
Sings the same words to every song
Vo do de o, vo doe doe de o, doe.
His ukulele, daily
How he'll strum!
Bum bum bum!
Vampin' and stampin'
Then he'll holler, "Black bottom!"
Crazy words, crazy tune,
He'll be driving me crazy soon
Vo do de o, vo doe doe de o, doe.

Marched his men
To Waterloo
What did he say to them?
Vo do de o, vo doe doe de o, doe.
Oh, is that so?

At Valley Forge
'Twas bitter cold and up spoke George
Vo do do, vo doe doe de o, doe.
No--you don't say?

And Simon Legree
In Uncle Tom's Cabin
What did he say to Uncle Tom?
I'll tell you what he said,
He took his whip and said to Uncle Tom--
"C'mon, Charleston!"

And in the Senate
The other day
What did our President Coolidge say?
Vo do de o, vo doe doe de o, doe.

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