[Topsy's Song]

Way down south in de cotton and de corn,
I just growed, I never was born;
My old mas'r used to say,
Dat I warn't no good, only gets in de way.

But I can dance, I can sing,
I can whoop and I can holler
When I gets a silver dollar;
I can hear, I can see,
But I never see'd de day dat I was born.

[This song is excerpted from a 4-minute recording of
a scene from a dramatization of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
You can hear the entire selection at
      THIS PAGE.]

RECORDING: Edison Cylinder 572
Uncle Tom's Cabin: Entrance of Topsy
Performed by Len Spencer and Co.
Recorded November, 1910.

(from the original Edison cylinder)
By Steven Smolian
Smolian Sound Studio
Frederick, Maryland

Adam Soroka
Digital Media Center, Clemons Library