Eva's Dream

Words and Music by Otto P. Ikeler
Rohrsburg, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania:
Published by the Author, 1901.

[To Little Eva of Uncle Tom's Cabin]

A little girl with golden curl
Once climbed her papa's knee,
And begged him for a story
Just to pass the time you see
About a play written they say
by Mrs. H. B. Stowe,
Of slavery days, in other ways,
Uncle Tom's Cabin show.

"Pray, tell me, papa, did you meet
That charming little miss
With eyes of blue, and heart so true
And hair too sweet to kiss?"
"Yes, yes, my child," he said, "I've met
That charming little queen
Who talks about a home above
Ever her golden dream."

Singing in the angel choir
In heaven's city so fair
All the lovely saints were there
Knowing no sorrow or care.
Uncle Tom he came, she told
This seemed her principal theme
And angels played on harps of gold
This was sweet Eva's dream.

At last she said, "Papa, I wish
that I could see that show,
And talk with Little Eva
And with Uncle Tom you know
I'd have so many things to say
About the home above,
The same as did poor Uncle Tom,
One whom sweet Eva loved.

Pray, tell me, papa, is it true
That Little Eva died,
And left so many loving friends
Thus weeping by her side?"
"No, no, my child, it is not true
Although it seems much so
'Tis just the play that runs that way
Uncle Tom's Cabin show."


SOLO VOCAL: Amanda Balestrieri
PIANO: Michael Slon

RECORDED at Virginia Arts Studio
Charlottesville, Virginia

©2007 Michael Slon   All rights reserved.

Audio encoding at the Digital Media Lab,
Clemons Library, University of Virginia

Courtesy John Sullivan