Little Eva's Wish

Words by Morris H. Warner
Music by Jno. F. Huddart.
Philadelphia: W. R. Smith, 1871.

[To Miss "Pet" Smith, Indianapolis, Ind.]

Open the lattice, dear papa,
Let Luna dance on the floor,
Let the breath of the winged zephyrs,
Fan my pale forehead once more,
Draw nearer to me, dear papa,
Do not weep, 'tis for the best;
I'll be so happy there, papa,
In heaven among the blest.

Kiss me good-bye papa,
O kiss me good-bye,
For angels bright are calling,
Little Eva up on high.

When I'm gone from you, dear papa,
And my soul to him who gave:
Bury me under the ewe-tree,
Near sister's and mother's grave;
Angels are calling me papa,
They point to him on high;
Farewell, I'm going to mama,
Kiss me dear papa, good bye.


SOLO VOCAL: Amanda Balestrieri
PIANO: Michael Slon

RECORDED at Virginia Arts Studio
Charlottesville, Virginia

©2007 Michael Slon   All rights reserved.

Audio encoding at the Digital Media Lab,
Clemons Library, University of Virginia

Music for the Nation:
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The Library of Congress.