Eva to Her Papa

Words and Music by George C. Howard
New York: Horace Waters, 1854

When your daughter's taken away
And your heart is fill'd with care;
When with Angels I shall pray
For your peace and comfort here.

Shall poor Uncle Tom be free?
Papa promise this to me.

When your little Eva's there,
Rob'd like those in spotless white;
And the conquering palm I bear,
Bless'd with love and Heaven's light,

Shall poor Uncle Tom be free?
Papa promise this to me.

Wife and children send him near,
When forever I am gone;
Papa check the falling tear,
Think upon my dying song.

Uncle Tom, Oh make him free.
Papa, Papa, do for me.

[As sung by Little Cordelia Howard in Her
Original Character of the Gentle Eva in
Uncle Tom's Cabin; Words and Music written
expressly for her by her Father; Most
Affectionately Dedicated to Her Mother.

Special Collections, University of Virginia

ARTIST: Caroline Moseley

RECORDED AT: Taplin Auditorium
Princeton University
James Moses, Recording Engineer

© Copyright 1999 by Caroline Moseley,
All rights reserved.

Digitized by Adam Soroka, Johnny Lee & Lisa Gottschalk
at the Digital Media Center,
Clemons Library, Univ. of Virginia