The Ghost of Uncle Tom

Composed by Miss Martha Hill
New York: Horace Waters, 1854.

[As sung by the Hutchinson Family
at their concerts throughout the Union.]

De Fader ob de waters, rolls
His deep and muddy tide,
By de grassy grave where Eva sleeps,
De people say she died,
Truth crush'd to the earth will rise again,
So Massa Bryant said,
And Eva's only sleeping,
Tho' de people say she's dead.

Knock! Knock! Knock!
When de hour ob midnight come--
Oh who is dat a knocking?
Tis the Ghost of "Uncle Tom."

Oh! de nigger's only made to work,
De suddern people say;
And de nigger's berry willing, but
He wants to hab his pay;
So he swims across de ribber,
And he flies across de plain;
But de northern people catch him,
And dey ribbit on his chains!

Oh! one ob dese times
Dere will come a solemn day,
When de sheep will go together,
And de goats together stay,
Der'l be many brack sheep,
And many white goats;
So dey better "pluck de beams out"
Before dey pluck de motes.

Oh! dere is a railroad "underground,"
On which de nigger slopes,
And when he's got his ticket,
Den his bosom's full of hope:
De Engine never whistles
And de Cars dey make no noise,
But dey carry off de nigger
And his wife and little boys.

De Parson in de pulpit,
And de Merchant in de Store,
De Statesman in de Cabinet,
De Speaker on de Floor,
Dey talk de subject ober,
And dey make it berry plain,
But when dey go to bed at night,
Dey want it fix'd again. For

But bye and bye de people
Deir errors dey will see;
Dey'l beat de chains to ploughshares,
And dey'l hold a jubilee;
And de mother will be happy,
When she gaze upon her boy,
And de "Fader ob de Waters,
He will roll along in joy."

    And de people dey will listen
    When de hour of midnight come
    But dey'll hear no more de knocking
    Of the Ghost of "Uncle Tom."

LEAD VOCAL: David Tate
    Constance Harrington (Soprano)
    Kay Buchanan (Alto)
    David Tate (Tenor)
    James Stewart (Bass)
PIANO: Lynne Mackey

Recorded by Bill Dudley
Produced by Bill Wellington

RECORDED at Mennonite Media
Harrisonburg, Virginia
©2007 Well-In-Tune, Inc., Staunton VA
All rights reserved.

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Clemons Library, University of Virginia

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