I'll Be Dar

Sung in the Drama of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Words & Music by James S. Putnam.
Arranged by Harry F. Williams.
Boston: White, Smith & Company, 1880.

Tomorrow I am gwine away,
If the weather it is fine,
I'm gwine down to ole Kentuck
To see dat gal ob mine,
I'll get dar in de ebenin,
For de moon begin to rise,
And when dem darkies see me, golly!
Won't dey be surprised.

For I will be dar, I'll be dar,
I'll be dar, yes indeed I will,
I'll be dar, I'll be dar,
When de moon am peepin' from de tree,
I'll be dar, I'll be dar,
I'll be dar, yes indeed I will,
I'll be dar, I'll be dar,
And we'll have a jolly time.

Way down in ole Kentucky state,
Where I was bred and born,
I worked among de sugar cane,
De cotton and de corn,
Now when dem darkies see me,
Dey all will shout and sing,
Lucinda, here is brudder bones,
Now cut de pigeon wing.

I'm gwine to wed Lucinda, yes,
For she is dear to me,
And when de parson makes us one
How happy I will be;
She knows well that I love her,
For my letters always say,
Lucinda, when I git home,
We'll be married right away.

LEAD VOCAL: David Tate
    Constance Harrington (Soprano)
    Kay Buchanan (Alto)
    David Tate (Tenor)
    James Stewart (Bass)
PIANO: Lynne Mackey

Recorded by Bill Dudley
Produced by Bill Wellington

RECORDED at Mennonite Media
Harrisonburg, Virginia
©2007 Well-In-Tune, Inc., Staunton VA
All rights reserved.

Audio encoding at the Digital Media Center,
Clemons Library, University of Virginia

Courtesy the
Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music,
Johns Hopkins University