Little Eva;
Uncle Tom's Guardian Angel

Poetry by John G. Whittier
Music by Manuel Emilio
Boston: John P. Jewett & Co, 1852

Dry the tears for holy Eva,
With the blessed angels leave her,
Of the form so sweet and fair
Give to earth the tender care.

For the golden locks of Eva
Let the sunny southland give her
Flowery pillow of repose
Orange bloom and budding rose,
Orange bloom and budding rose.

All is light and peace with Eva,
There the darkness cometh never,
Tears are wiped and fetters fall,
And the Lord is all in all.

Weep no more for happy Eva
Wrong and sin no more shall grieve her,
Care and pain and weariness
Lost in love so measureless,
Lost in love so measureless.

Gentle Eva loving Eva
Child confessor, true believer,
Listen'r at the Master's knee,
"Suffer such to come to me."

Oh for faith like thine, sweet Eva,
Lighting all the solemn river,
And the blessing of the poor
Wafting to the heavenly shore,
Wafting to the heavenly shore.

[Composed and Most Respectfully
Dedicated to Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Special Collections, University of Virginia

ARTIST: Caroline Moseley

RECORDED AT: Taplin Auditorium
Princeton University
James Moses, Recording Engineer

© Copyright 1999 by Caroline Moseley,
All rights reserved.

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at the Digital Media Center,
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