"Oh, I'se So Wicked"
"As Sung by Mrs. G. C. Howard in Her Original Character of Topsy." Written by George Howard for performance in his company's dramatization of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and "Respectfully Dedicated to G. L. Aiken, Esq." the author of the play. (New York: Horace Waters, 1854).
Oh! white-folks I was never born,
Aunt Sue, raise me on de corn,
Sends me errands night and morn,
Ching a ring a ring a ricked.

She used to knock me on de floor,
Den bang my head agin de door,
And tare my hair out by de core,
Oh! cause I was so wicked.

Black folk can't do naught they say,
I guess I'll teach some how to play,
And dance about dis time ob day,
Ching a ring a bang goes de breakdown.

Oh! Massa Clare, he bring me here,
Put me in Miss Feely's care,
Don't I make dat lady stare,
Ching a ring, a ring a ricked.

She has me taken cloth'd and fed,
Den sends me up to make her bed,
When I puts de foot into de head,
Oh! I'se so awful wicked.

I'se dark Topsy, as you see,
None of your half and half for me,
Black or white it's best to be,
Ching a ring a hop, goes de breakdown.

Oh! dere is one, will come and say,
Be good, Topsy, learn to pray,
And raise her buful hands dat way,
Ching a ring a ring a ricked.

'Tis LITTLE EVA, kind and fair,
Says if I's good I will go dere,
But den I tells her, I don't care,
Oh! ain't I very wicked?

Eat de cake and hoe de corn,
I'se de gal dat ne'er was born,
But 'spects I grow'd up one dark morn
Ching a ring a smash goes de breakdown.

Courtesy Harvard Theatre Collection
The Houghton Library

, Fiddle; JOHN "Mr. Bones" CAHILL, Bones
(@ Dr. Horsehair's Music Company, PO Box 2451,
Peachtree City, GA 30269).

RECORDED & MIXED: By Brian Thompson,
Reel to Reel Studio, Stockbridge, GA,

SOURCE: Minstrel Banjo Style
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One Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140).
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