[The photograph on the cover is of Belle Dixon.]

Courtesy John Sullivan

The lyrics at right are from the sheet music;
Halley changes some of them slightly when he sings.

At Uncle Tom's Cabin Door

Words by Charles Bayha
Music by Rubey Cowan
(New York: York Music Co., 1912)

In Eighteen Sixty, In Eighteen Sixty,
Those happy days before Emancipation,
'way down in Dixie, 'way down in Dixie,
merry darkies you would see.
They had their sorrows, that's quite true,
But there were happy hours too,
Let's go back once more,
Back before the war,
and we'll see some jubilee.

See them dancing around,
Watch them prance on the ground,
Uncle Tom is gay, troubles fade away,
Hear them after each encore,
Roar for more,
Banjo's strumming a tune,
Topsy's acting like a loon,
There's some celebration on the old plantation
At Uncle Tom's Cabin door.

Just hear them singing, Just hear them singing,
Those good ole darkey tunes they're harmonizing,
Just see them swinging, just see them swinging
to the strains of "Old Black Joe."
Here comes the Marsa from his ride,
There's little Eva by his side,
Sime Legree's away, bloodhounds are at play,
Those were happy, happy days.


(from the original 78rpm record)
BY Adam Soroka
Digital Media Center, Clemons Library

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