Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Dream Picture

This instrumental was originally recorded and released by Edison in 1911 (CATALOG #765), then re-released on 1 April 1918 (CATALOG #3458, the version digitized here). The four-minute song is a medley of minstrel show tunes from both before and after the Civil War, including "My Old Kentucky Home," "Old Folks at Home," "Maryland, My Maryland," "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia," "Old Black Joe" and, for the rousing finale, "Dixon's Land" -- better known simply as "Dixie." All these songs were used over the years in various dramatic performances of Uncle Tom's Cabin, even "Dixie," that anthem of the Confederacy, and Lampe's arrangement may have been prepared originally for use as an overture to a theatrical performance. It is not clear whose "dream" of Uncle Tom's Cabin is being musically represented . . .

Notice from 13 September 1912 Washington Post
    Other performances:
21 July 1915   |   10 January 1917

RECORDING: Edison Cylinder 3458
Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Dream Picture
Composed by Lampe
Performed by the Edison Concert Band.
Issued April, 1918.

(from the original Edison cylinder)
By Steven Smolian
Smolian Sound Studio
Frederick, Maryland

Adam Soroka
Digital Media Center, Clemons Library