Uncle Tom's Religion

Words and Music by George C. Howard
New York: Horace Waters, 1854

[Originally published in 1853]

[As Sung in the Moral Drama of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Little Cordelia Howard has an Interest in the Sale
of this Song.]

Far away from wife and children,
Still I plod my way along,
Massa Clare has gone to Eva
Leaving friendless poor old Tom.

Yet with trust and strength in heaven
I remain a faithful slave,
When de whip to me am giben,
I'll think of him who died to save.

Shall I turn against my brother
Raise the hand of cruelty,
No we must love one another,
Den we'll get where all am free.

Patience here I'll go to glory,
There is comfort for the slave,
When de lash makes dis flesh gory
I'll pray to him who died to save.

Good bye Chloe, farewell children
Poor old Tom you'll see no more
Mind be good and hab religion
'Twill bare you to the faithful shore.

Do not weep nor feel dejection
Suffering's over in de grave,
But at de glorious resurrection,
We'll meet with him, who died to save.

SOLO VOCAL: James Stewart
PIANO: Lynne Mackey

Recorded by Bill Dudley
Produced by Bill Wellington

RECORDED at Mennonite Media
Harrisonburg, Virginia
©2007 Well-In-Tune, Inc., Staunton VA
All rights reserved.

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