Decorative Candlesticks

  These candlesticks, or girandoles, were manufactured by Dietz & Company of New York City sometime during the 1850s. As you'll be able to see by viewing the details of each base, the figure of Tom and Eva sitting together with the Bible is identical on the two pieces. Although you won't see the back of the single-candle girandole with the partial 3D view, which only rotates through three images, the backsides of both girandoles were unfinished, indicating that they would have been displayed against a wall, probably on a mantel. (To see the 3D view requires that you have the QuickTime player installed on your computer.)

Detail of Base
Detail of Base
3D View (Partial)

From the Harry Birdoff Collection,
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center.

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