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This exhibit allows you to take any of the above American editions of Uncle Tom's Cabin off the shelf to look at it in virtual 3D. The books, which represent only a few of the numerous versions of Stowe's novel that were published between 1852 and 1930, have been chosen to represent the range of editions, from the first four brought out by Jewett in 1852 to the edition designed to promote and take advantage of the 1927 Universal film of the story. (The archive also contains a gallery of various illustrated COVERS.)

These 3D images re-present the novel in another way too: they are "virtual" images digitally generated from scans of the original texts. You can compare one such virtual image with a 3D representation based entirely on photographic imaging by CLICKING HERE.

To take a book off the shelf, simply click on it.

For more on the publishing history of Stowe's novel, see Michael Winship's essay UNCLE TOM'S CABIN: A HISTORY OF THE BOOK IN THE 19TH-CENTURY U.S. in the site's INTERPRET MODE.