Tom Show Souvenirs

  The items in this section were sold or given out at various Tom Shows. You could even buy a copy of Stowe's novel itself, in a specially printed theatrical edition (click on the first icon at left). The most interesting item is probably the item below that, a 16-page illustrated pamphlet with abridged passages from Stowe's novel and various commentaries on the play, which was given away at performances by Abbey's Double Mammoth Company during the 1880s. The most puzzling is the fourth from the top, which may not have been a "souvenir" at all, but a cloth poster.

  Based on what we've found so far, the most common souvenir items were the "songsters," books containing music and words to contemporary popular songs. Despite the images on the covers, the books have little connection to the play (except as a musical entertainment) and still less to Stowe's novel. Five of the songsters at left printed the cast names and other details of the production on their back covers (and you can see those pages in the archive's PLAYBILLS SECTION), but none of the song-books available here contain any songs from the shows they were sold at.

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