This game consists of twenty cards, divided into four sections. The characters and objects are taken from "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

First Section.--Consists of Uncle Tom, Tom's Cabin, George's Dollar, Aunt Chloe's Biscuit, and George's [i.e. Tom's] Bible.
Second Section.--Simeon the Quaker, Simeon's Apples, Rachel, Rachel's Chair, Simeon's Hat.
Third Section.--St. Clare, Eva, Topsy, Eva's Flowers, and Ophelia's Basket.
Fourth Section.--George, Eliza, Harry, George's Hand, and North Star.

  The game can be played by three or more persons. Either one of the players may shuffle the cards; then, holding them so that the face cannot be seen, let each person draw one card from the pack, and continue to draw until Uncle Tom is drawn out. The person having Uncle Tom may begin the game by shuffling the cards, and then divide the cards equally among the players, each one holding his cards so that the other player cannot see the face of them. The dealer then commences by calling from his right hand neighbor for any card which he has not in his own hand. If his neighbor has it, he must give it up. He continues to call for others; and, if he calls for one his neighbor has not in his hand, his neighbor then takes his turn, and calls in the same manner from his right-hand neighbor, and the game is continued in the same order. When a player has called every card from the hand of his right-hand neighbor, thus putting him outof the game, he may continue to call from the next on his right hand.

  The players must be attentive, and remember to call for every card which has been called and obtained before, if possible, as the game is made longer and more complicated by every failure of memory.

  At the conclusion of the game the victor will have all the cards in his possession, which will entitle him to the privilege of dealing, and commencing the next game.

Published by W. & S. B. Ives, Salem, Mass.
(© 1852)