"complete in one reel":
      The Thanhauser Production (1910)    

  No copies of this film seem to exist anymore. It was released at almost exactly the same moment as VITAGRAPH'S ADAPTATION, and to distinguish it from that was advertised as "Not a Tedious Drawn-Out, Continued-in-Our-Next Affair, but COMPLETE IN ONE REEL."* It starred Frank Crane as Uncle Tom, Miss Rosemond as Eliza, and Marie (or Mary) Eline, "the Thanhouser Kid," as Eva.

  The Moving Picture World article below gives us an idea of what we have lost. Although the notice begins by noting that Stowe's story is "too well known to require much description," it luckily goes on to describe the film in some detail -- revealing in the process how much freedom adapters had to vary this well known story. For example, the script follows an idea that first showed up in some of the theatrical "Tom Shows," bringing Simon LeGree (as the article calls Legree) into the story from the start; it is from LeGree, not Haley, that Eliza escapes carrying Harry. A more original variation is that Tom actively assists Eliza by directing violating LeGree's orders: this is a more subversive Tom than I've seen anywhere else. George Harris and Cassy might have been left out entirely, but this is the only film version that included Senator and Mrs. Bird.

  • The Moving Picture World (6 August 1910)

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