Timeline: Related Material in the Archive


1852 Book Illustration

c. 1890 Play Poster

1910 Movie Scene
  • Sentimental Songs
  • Blackface Minstrelsy
  • American Anti-Slavery Society
  • Millerites & the End of the World
  • Powers' "Greek Slave" in America
  • The Women's Rights Movement
  • Anti-Slavery Protest at Lane Seminary
  • Anti-Abolitionist Riot in Cincinnati
  • UTC Manuscript Pages
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Published as Book
  • The Songs of UTC
  • UTC Illustrations
  • "Tomitudes"
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Dramatized
  • Theatrical Posters and Other Images
  • Jim Crow (T. D. Rice) Plays Uncle Tom
  • Stowe Dramatizes Her Novel
  • Maryland Man Imprisoned for Owning the Novel
  • Blacks Begin Touring with Tom Shows
  • Double Tom Shows Begin Appearing
  • UTC as Magic Lantern Show
  • "Uncle Tom's" Cabin at Chicago World's Fair
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe Dies
  • Dixon Publishes The Leopard's Spots
  • The Sound of the Tom Show
  • First Movie Version of the Novel
  • First Movie with an African American Playing Tom
  • Stowe's Cabin in Birth of a Nation
  • "Uncle Tom" Label in Early 20th Century
  • Duncan Sisters' Topsy and Eva
  • Universal's Super Jewel Production

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