"Uncle Tom's Cabin has become almost world-wide in its currency
      and fame. Songs founded on its more affecting incidents are beginning
      to be sung at nearly every house."
—— New York Daily Tribune, 19 September 1853

Uncle Tom's Cabin: The Greatest Hits

Courtesy Special Collections
  It's impossible to say exactly how many songs were written for or about Uncle Tom's Cabin between 1852 and 1930, but over 70 of them are available on the list below. More than half of them -- the ones noted by the musical icon -- are playable, either as originally recorded (for music after 1910) or (for songs written between 1852 and 1901, before any songs were recorded) as performed for the archive by modern artists. As throughout the archive, each playable song is available in 3 digital formats — .wav, .mp3 and .ra. Many of these songs were written for various dramatizations of Stowe's story. Others -- to protest, to share or simply to exploit the popularity of her novel. You can listen as both the styles of popular music and the cultural meanings of Uncle Tom's Cabin change dramatically over the decades.

  There are dozens of other songs in the archive's PreTexts section, including other playable songs in CHRISTIAN TEXTS, SENTIMENTAL CULTURE and MINSTRELSY. In the UTC ONSTAGE section are playable original recordings of actors and musicians performing two scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin -- "The Flogging Scene" (1904) and "The Entrance of Topsy" (1910); the 75-second song that "Topsy" sings as part of this recording is listed below.

Courtesy Special Collections

Billy Rose Theatre Collection, New York
Public Library for the Performing Arts
This is an instrumental by William J.
Kennedy (Philadelphia: H. B. Harvey, 1853)

Courtesy Sheet Music Collection
BROWN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY This is an instrumental, by J. H. Tully.
(New York: Firth, Pond & Co., n.d.)

Levy Collection of Sheet Music

Courtesy Mary Schlosser
This is also an instrumental.
(New York: Jos. W. Stern & Co., 1911)

        Songs from the Boston Museum Production
  Early in de Morning (1852)
  Our Home is Surely the Sweetest (1852)

        Songs from the Howard's Dramatization
  Hymns Sung by Little Cordelia Howard... (1853)
  Eva to Her Papa (1854)
  Ise So Wicked (1854)
  St. Clare to Little Eva in Heaven (1854)
  Uncle Tom's Religion (1854)

        Other Songs from the 1850s
  Little Eva, Tom's Guardian Angel (1852)
  The Fugitive's Experience (1852)
  Eliza's Flight (1852)
  Poor Uncle Tom (1852)
  I Am Going There (1852)
  Eva's Parting (1852)
  Gentle Eva (1852)
  Uncle Tom's Grave (1852)
  Uncle Tom: Song & Chorus (1852)
  Uncle Tom's Lament for Eva (1852)
  Uncle Tom's Glimpse of Glory (1852)
  Tom Loker (1852)
  Uncle Tom's Cabin Song (1852)
  The Death of St. Clare (1852)
  In Old Car'lina (1852)
  Little Eva's Vision (1852)
  Aunt Harriet Becha Stowe (1853)
  My Old Kentucky Home|Poor Uncle Tom (1853)
  Little Topsy's Song (1853)
  Death of Little Eva & Uncle Tom (1853)
  Songs & Chorusses at the Providence Museum (1853)
  Uncle Tom's Gone to Rest (1853)
  The Ghost of Uncle Tom (1854)
  3 Songs from Christy & Wood's Burletta (1854)
  Little Eva's Grave (1855)

  The Georgian Slave Ballad (1852)
  (Not derived from UTC, but dedicated to Stowe.)

        Later Songs
  Little Eva's Wish (1871)
  Goodbye, Eva Darling (1872)
  Uncle Tom's Farewell (1878)
  Little Eva, Song & Chorus (1878)
  Uncle Tom's Cabin (1878)
  I'll Be Dar (1880)
  You'll Miss Me, Darling Chloe (1881)
  Uncle Tom's Gwine to Stay (1881)
  Climb de Golden Fence (1895)
  The Coon with the Big White Spot (1895)
  Topsy's in Town (1899)
  Eva's Dream (1901)
  [Topsy Song] (1910)
      [From "Topsy's Entrance," an Edison Cylinder]
  At Uncle Tom's Cabin Door (1912)
  Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Dream Picture (1918)
  Uncle Tom One-Step (c.1920)
  Uncle Tom One-Step (c.1920)
  Uncle Tom One-Step (c.1920)
  Uncle Tom's Cabin at the Op'ry House (1921)
  Oh! Eva (Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight?) (1924)
  Crazy Words--Crazy Tune (1927)

        Songs from Moore & Burgess Minstrels'
          Uncle Tom's Cabin: Musical Tableaux Vivants

  The Happy Darkies (c. 1875)
  Wait for the Chariot (c. 1875)
  The Flight of the Slave (c. 1875)
  I'm Going There (c. 1875)
  She's the Wickedest Critter in the World (c. 1875)
  Bear Her Gently Hence, Ye Spirits (c. 1875)
  Chorus of Freed Slaves (c. 1875)

        Songs from New American Opera Uncle Tom
  Over the Mountain of Sorrow (1887)
  The New Jerusalem (1887)

        Songs from the Duncan Sisters' Topsy and Eva
  I Never Had a Mammy (1923)
  Rememb'ring (1923)
  Moon Am Shinin' (1923)
  Do Re Mi, or The Music Lesson (1923)
  Sweet Onion Time (1924)
  Topsy (1925)
  Happy-Go-Lucky Days (1925)
  I Never Had a Mammy
      [1942 DEMO VERSION]

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