Uncle Tom's Cabin On Film 1:
Related Material in the Archive

The UTC ON FILM section of the archive contains hundreds of texts, images and film clips. The list of links below features only those parts of that section specifically discussed or referenced in the essay "Uncle Tom's Cabin on Film: The Silent Era."
  • Duncan Sisters' 1927 Topsy and Eva
  • Edna Marian's 1925 Uncle Tom's Gal
  • Tex Avery's 1947 Uncle Tom's Cabana
  • Thanhouser 1910 Movie Version
  • Marguerite Clark's 1918 Movie Version
  • Edison-Porter 1903 Movie Version
  • Wm. A. Brady's 1901 Tom Show Script
  • Photographs of Brady's Tom Show
  • 1915 Armbruster Scenic Drops
  • Tom Show Lithograph Posters
  • Tom Show Playbills (1867-1927)
  • Universal's 1927 Movie Version
  • Universal Souvenir Program
  • Universal Film Publicity Stills
  • Universal Publicity Notices
  • World Studio 1914 Movie Version
  • Vitagraph 1910 Movie Version

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