This is a story of an exotic race, whose ancestors, born beneath a tropic sun, were brought to the New World by heartless traders and sold into slavery.
  •   TITLE 1:
    Harriet Beecher Stowe's UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, and the characters of Aunt Ophelia, Eliza, Marks the Lawyer, Topsy, Little Eva, and the immortal UNCLE TOM will live forever.
  •   TITLE 2:
    Many slaves ran away to escape unjust treatment by their masters.
  •   TITLE 3:
    George Shelby and his faithful servant, Uncle Tom.
  •   TITLE 4:
    Eliza and her baby son . . . great favorites on the plantation.
  •   TITLE 5:
    Eliza's husband, George Harris, a Mulatto.
  •   TITLE 6:
    Haley, a notorious slave trader.
  •   TITLE 7:
    "Mr. Shelby, I want thet boy Harry, and thet niggah Tom. I get 'em both or I forclose the mortgage. You just got until eight to-night to decide."
  •   TITLE 8:
    As George Harris bids farewell to Eliza, she tells him of Haley's demand for their boy.
  •   TITLE 9:
    "Mr. Shelby will never sell our son . . . he is not like my master."
  •   TITLE 10:
    "Good bye -- when next you hear from me it will be as George Harris, the free man -- not as George Harris the slave."
  •   TITLE 11:
    Shelby is forced to sell Uncle Tom and Little Harry.
  •   TITLE 12:
    "Massa Shelby done sold you, my lamb -- but with the help of Him above, maybe I can save you."
  •   TITLE 13:   PART 1   PART 2
    George Harris prepares to escape to Canada, while his wife, Eliza, takes desperate measures to save her child.
  •   TITLE 14:
    Eliza bids farewell to Uncle Tom and Chloe.
  •   TITLE 15:
    "I'll put the bloodhounds on her track . . . I'll catch her."
  •   TITLE 16:
    On Eliza's trail.
  •   TITLE 17:
    Tom Loker and Marks the Lawyer.
  •   TITLE 18:
    The hazards of floating ice and a swift current does not deter this mother . . . for freedom lies on the other side.
  •   TITLE 19:
    Phineas Fletcher, A Quaker, extends aid to Eliza.
  •   TITLE 20:
    Haley, bitter and disgrunted, returns to take Uncle Tom to NEW ORLEANS.
  •   TITLE 21:
    "When I'm a man, I'll buy you back Uncle Tom," . . . "Mr. Haley, there's not one in the world like Uncle Tom."
  •   TITLE 22:   PART 1   PART 2
    Master Shelby grieves for his Uncle Tom.
  •   TITLE 23:
    Haley seeks the help of Marks and Loker.
  •   TITLE 24:
    "I'll get Harris and the boy for you if I have to chase them all the way to Canada."
  •   TITLE 25:   PART 1   PART 2
    Marks and Loker hire a posse to hunt down the fugitives.
  •   TITLE 26:
    George Harris and Eliza, his wife, are reunited.
  •   TITLE 27:
    Bound for New Orleans, Uncle Tom meets St. Clair and Little Eva.
  •   TITLE 28:
    Aunt Ophelia and Little Eva.
  •   TITLE 29:
    Uncle Tom saves Little Eva from a watery grave.
  •   TITLE 30:
    St. Claire buys Uncle Tom for Eva.
  •   TITLE 31:
    TWO YEARS LATER   Uncle Tom tells Eva of the New Jerusalem.
  •   TITLE 32:
    Topsy . . . She wasn't born, she just growed.
  •   TITLE 33:   PART 1   PART 2
    Aunt Ophelia upbraids Topsy for stealing.
  •   TITLE 34:
    "Topsy, I love you and if you love me, you will promise never to steal again."
  •   TITLE 35:
    Spring brings sadness into the St. Clair home.
  •   TITLE 36:   PART 1   PART 2
    Eva exacts a promise from her father to free Uncle Tom.
  •   TITLE 37:
    "In Heaven above, where all is love, we'll meet to part no more."
  •   TITLE 38:
    Topsy's offering.
  •   TITLE 39:
    While attempting to prevent a quarrel, St. Clair is accidently stabbed to death.
  •   TITLE 40:
    On St. Clair's death, his slaves, including Uncle Tom are sold at auction.|THE SLAVE MARKET.
  •   TITLE 41:   PART 1   PART 2
    Simon Legree, a harsh slaver owner, buys Uncle Tom and a young girl, Emmeline.
  •   TITLE 42:
    Up the river to Legree's plantation.
  •   TITLE 43:
    Cassy, a slave who is Legree's housekeeper.
  •   TITLE 44:   PART 1   PART 2
    "God help the poor wretches he is bringing to this Hell on earth."
  •   TITLE 45:
    Legree warns the slaves not to try to escape.
  •   TITLE 46:
    "Tom, you nigger, St. Clair spoiled you but I'll make better use of those muscles of yours."
  •   TITLE 47:
    Tom put to work in the fields with the other slaves.
  •   TITLE 48:   PART 1   PART 2
    "I hate religious niggers, damn you! Give that boy a hundred lashes, or I'll send you to that New Jerusalem you are always talking about."
  •   TITLE 49:
    Emmeline is made house-keeper, and Cassy is sent to work in the fields.
  •   TITLE 50:
    "Legree will never make that girl the thing he made me . . . To-night we will find our freedom, or a grave in the swamp."
  •   TITLE 51:   PART 1   PART 2   PART 3
    That afternoon.
  •   TITLE 52:
    Cassy and Emmeline prepare to run away.
  •   TITLE 53:
    Young Shelby, now grown to manhood, remembering his promise, seeks Uncle Tom.
  •   TITLE 54:
    "I am seeking an old negro by the name of Tom."
  •   TITLE 55:
    "Why we heard Tom was sold to Simon Legree, who lives down on the Red River."
  •   TITLE 56:   PART 1   PART 2   PART 3
    "Tell me where Cassy and Emmeline went, or I'll break every bone in your black body."
  •   TITLE 57:
    Young Shelby continues his search for Uncle Tom.
  •   TITLE 58:
    Sympathy for the poor old slave creates a desire for swift revenge in the heart of the boy whom Uncle Tom refused to whip.
  •   TITLE 59:
    In darkness and sorrow, Uncle Tom still has faith that God has not forsaken him.
  •   TITLE 60:   PART 1   PART 2   PART 3
    "Young George has come! The Lawd has given me the victory. Glory be to His name. I die content knowin' you all did not forget old Uncle Tom."
  •   TITLE 61:
    "-- by virtue of the power vested -- all persons held slaves, shall be thenceforth and forever free -- upon this act I invoke the considered judgement of mankind and the gracious favor of Almighty God."

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